What do I need to know about my Roll-Up garage door!

In South Africa, we have a few manufacturers of Roll-Up(Continuous curtain) garage doors. Here is the list of the different brands: Wispeco, Krazi, Tilley, Hansa, joining the market place recently was Gliderol, Glo steel, Matty doors and Hydro doors

All manufacturers use a 0,4mm base material that gets embossed with a wood-like pattern or stucco pattern enhancing the structural strength. This helps the general lifespan of the door, hiding all small minor dents, scratches.

When it comes to the installation of all types of Roll-up garage doors it's important to follow the basic guidelines displayed in the installation manual. Training on How to install a Roll-up garage door is provided by SAGDA at a fee. Roll-Up garage doors are very popular for a few reasons namely

Takes up less headroom above the lintel

Less moving parts

No exposed springs 

Smooth and silent operations

Durable and strong

Fair priced

Service and fixing parts on all above Roll-Up garage doors is not a problem, at Roll a Glide we repair your door and DO NOT JUST REPLACE! We replace the following on the doors

Springs x 2, Drum Wheels x 3, Shafts, Braiding, Guides- set, L-brackets- set 

So before you decide to get rid of your “old garage door” give Us a call on 010 880 4390 or  mail Us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Compiled by Technical Manager MJ Oosthuizen on 20 Jan 2021 at 15:45pm at Roll a Glide retail shop nr 2 nr 11 Greenhills , Randfontein

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