What is a sectional garage door?

  • It’s a garage door that consists out of sections(panels)
  • The door slides up and over horizontal to the ceiling/roof
  • It has many moving parts


Sectional garage doors are manufactured out of the following raw materials

  • Meranti wood 
  • Other types of wood (marine ply)
  • Chromadek steel 
  • Fibreglass (Not very popular)
  • Aluminium


Standard opening garage door sizes in South Africa is as follow:


STD Single garage 2440mm wide x 2100mm high 

STD CARAVAN Single garage 2440mm wide x 2400mm high


STD Double garage 4880mm wide x 2100mm high

STD CARAVAN Double garage 4880mm wide x 2400mm high


PLEASE NOTE! At Roll-a-Glide Doors we can manufacture CUSTOM SIZE doors! 


Sectional garage doors are very popular because of the design and colour options. The doors have a modern look and feel to them.


Maintenance on your sectional garage doors. What does it consist of?

Meranti wood - Oiling the doors on the inside with raw linseed oil and sealing it with wood doc 35 exterior 

Steel Chromadek - no maintenance 

Aluminum - no maintenance

Your sectional garage door need to be served by an accredited technician every six months 


Compiled by Technical Manager MJ Oosthuizen on 25 Jan 2021 at 11:37am at Roll-a-Glide retail shop nr 2 nr 11 Greenhills , Randfontein

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