At Roll a Glide, we understand the significance of seamless operation and the peace of mind that comes with it. This is why we prioritize maintaining a comprehensive inventory of parts essential for our entire range of automation equipment. No more waiting for parts to be ordered in or making do with makeshift solutions. With our stock, you're assured swift and exact replacements.

Here’s a glimpse into our extensively stocked repository:

  1. PC Boards: The brain behind the operation, ensuring smooth functionality.
  2. Remotes: Offering you the power of control at your fingertips.
  3. Transformers: Vital for consistent power delivery.
  4. Limit Switches: For precision in door movement and positioning.
  5. Main Body’s: The robust housing for essential components.
  6. Anchor Tubes: Ensuring stability in operation.
  7. Drum Wheels: Critical for smooth roll-up and down actions.
  8. 24v DC Motor Plus Gearbox: The powerhouse providing robust movement.
  9. Drive Gear: The crucial element translating motor power into action.
  10. Covers: Protecting the internals from dust and external factors.
  11. LED Lights: For clear indication and operational status.
  12. Receiver Cards: Ensuring communication between devices is flawless.
  13. Springs: Providing the necessary tension for door operations.
  14. Cables: The unseen heroes bearing the weight.
  15. Tracks: Guiding the doors with precision.
  16. Rollers Nylon: Ensuring a smooth and silent glide.
  17. Hinges and Extras: For that perfect movement and added strength.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t just reflect in our services but also in ensuring that every component of the automation system is readily available. With Roll a Glide, you’re not just choosing a product or service; you’re investing in uninterrupted excellence.

Garage door spares

Find all the essential parts and accessories to keep your garage door operating at its peak

LIGHT DUTY L-BRACKET PLATED                                     LOCK                                                                     STARLEC TYPE GUIDES


      HANDLE                                                                               U- CLAMP                                                                               RUBBER SEAL



  SPRINGS                                                                             DRUM WHEEL 270                                                                   DRUM WHEEL 300


SUPPORT STRUTS                                                                     VERICAL TRACKS                                              HORIZONTAL TRACKS            


LIFTING CABLES                                                         TOP-ADJUSTABLE BRACKET                                  TENSION SPRINGS


TRACK MOUNT PULLEY                                               SPRING MOUNT PULLEY                                 TRACK MOUNT L- BRACKETS


FLAPBACK HINGES                                                               TORSION SPRINGS                                                       SIDE BEARINGS


STEEL HINGES                                                                  CENTRE BEARING                                                   BOTTOM LIFTING BRACKETS


FLAG BRACKETS                                                              NYLON ROLLERS                                                                TORSION POLE 


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